Living lab for child-raising mothers by Concent, Inc.

Tokyo, Japan

Concent, Inc. is a design firm with strengths in editorial design, web design and service design. They help their clients resolve communication design and service design problems, utilizing tools from strategic design, interaction design and UI development. Their design approach is based on Human Centered Design process and Creating Shared Value (CSV) that involve a variety of stakeholders such as citizens, companies, creators and governments.

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Fujinomiya: Bridging Communities, Sharing Our Memories

Fujinomiya, Tokyo, Japan

What kind of social infrastructure is necessary for creating a society where people with dementia can live a healthy and positive life?

What type of new businesses could we create by focusing on the needs and wants of people with dementia?

What can we do to change business culture that could connect better with the rest of the society?

How and where should we start to build and enhance relations with our stakeholders in future markets?

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