Scope Group

Headquartered in Malaysia since 2007, Scope Group’s mission is to create impact by design through harnessing the power of social innovation and partnerships for social good and leveraging technology and cross-sector collaborations to deliver.

Scope Group’s expertise lies in supporting the “people” element of change and impact creation: engaging stakeholders, facilitating processes, coaching, leading and challenging the change process within organisations big and small. This often involves working in and between sectors to craft strategies, form synergy partnerships, and implement projects.

In 2015 and 2016, Scope Group managed an ASEAN-wide social innovation competition in 10 countries, with 1,200 social innovators. Scope Group worked with over 30 impact partners including corporations, governments, multilateral agencies and philanthropic organisations interested in investing in innovations for sustainable communities and resilient nations.

The ASEAN Impact Challenge winners for 2016 were Siam Organic, who created an organic rice product, which benefits local farmers and the environment, and water filtration solutions by Water Roam, which are designed to bring about the quickest access to clean drinking water at disaster-hit locations, and help to promote social change in rural development areas.

Scope Group also runs Impact Hub KL, a community and creative space for those who want to join together to make a difference. Their diverse community consists of impact driven individuals and organisations which include entrepreneurs, social businesses, freelancers, corporates, start-ups, creatives and many more.

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