Proximity Designs

Proximity Designs is an award-winning, social enterprise based in Yangon, Myanmar that designs, makes, and delivers affordable, income-boosting products and services that complement the entrepreneurial spirit of rural families. They focus on irrigation technology, agricultural knowledge and financial services for small farmers that help open up new economic opportunities. 

Founded in 2004, their products and services have improved the lifestyles, and boosted the incomes of over 484,000 rural households (almost 2.5 million people) across the country, by more than US$231 million. To reach scale and maximise impact, they apply a business model and design thinking to their mission. With user-centered design at their core, they design products and services that are cost-conscious, well-designed, high-quality, aesthetically attractive, convenient and provide a great user experience. By treating farmers as customers, rather then beneficiaries, Proximity is able to achieve large-scale social impact while their aspirational rural customers have the dignity to decide through the market whether they value the products and services. 

For more information on Proximity Designs visit their website here.  

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