Object: Australian Centre for Design

Sydney, Australia

Object: Australian Centre for Design is Australia’s leading centre for contemporary design and play a critical role in building a significant design culture for the country. They nurture a nation of innovative thinkers and we inspire audiences to use design in their lives.

They invest in catalyse new thinking and offer a design interface for communities. Most importantly, we inspire people by stimulating their curiosity and encouraging those around us to believe in the power of design.

One of their project is the Design Emergency, that takes designers into Primary schools, creating new opportunities for the education sector and creative industries. The program that introduces design and methods of design thinking to students. Design professionals and design educators work with students and teachers in the classroom using design methodology to come up with creative solutions to challenges they identify in their own lives. The aim is engage students with creative thinking skills and apply those skills to issues relevant to them. Design Emergency also aims to give students an understanding of what design is; how it relates to everything that we do; and opens their eyes to the myriad of career paths that design offers.

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