Living lab for child-raising mothers by Concent, Inc.

Tokyo, Japan

Concent, Inc. is a design firm with strengths in editorial design, web design and service design. They help their clients resolve communication design and service design problems, utilizing tools from strategic design, interaction design and UI development. Their design approach is based on Human Centered Design process and Creating Shared Value (CSV) that involve a variety of stakeholders such as citizens, companies, creators and governments.

Living Lab

Concent, Inc. also undertakes socially oriented projects within its Public Lab, “Pub.Lab.” to co-design improvements in public systems and spaces with various people. Pub.Lab. initiates several pilot projects to address social problems by using service design approaches. One of their social innovation project is called “Kosodate-Mama Living lab – Living lab for child-raising mothers” . This is a co-creation project that aims to support mothers both work and raise their children meaningfully. Child-raising mothers participated in the whole process, not only as research subjects but also as active project members to iterate the basic cycle: ideathonsbrushuphackathon, taking in business challenges of various supportive companies and incorporating seeds of technologies.

These activities are shown as reports on the Concent, Inc. Service Design division blog(in Japanese).

Living Lab

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