Fujinomiya: Bridging Communities, Sharing Our Memories

Fujinomiya, Tokyo, Japan

What kind of social infrastructure is necessary for creating a society where people with dementia can live a healthy and positive life?

What type of new businesses could we create by focusing on the needs and wants of people with dementia?

What can we do to change business culture that could connect better with the rest of the society?

How and where should we start to build and enhance relations with our stakeholders in future markets?

These are critical questions whose solutions have been long sought, typically amongst healthcare experts and caregivers. In order to have a better understanding of the impact of dementia and think collectively among broader and different stakeholder groups in the public and private sectors in Japan, the Center for Global Communications at the International University of Japan (GLOCOM) launched a new project in collaboration with Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. and Dementia Friendship Club (NPO). Since its launch in 2011, the project has evolved into a new private-sector-led platform, “the Dementia Friendly JAPAN Initiative” (DFJI).

An example of this initiative is Bridging Communities, Sharing Our Memories project, which aims to create a place where trans-generational exchange between senior citizens with dementia and high school students can engage in dialogue through photos. In the winter of 2014, high school students from Shizuoka prefectural Fugakukan, set up an interactive event involving local senior citizens, using old photos from Fujinomiya. This interactive event was held in the shopping district of Fujinomiya Eki-Mae-Dori (High street near the station).

Bridging Communities : Sharing Our Memories (Fujinomiya Project) from Yasuhiro Tamura on Vimeo.

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