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design for is a non-profit organisation, founded by Professor Nanci Takeyama from Nanyang Technological University. It is an open platform for collaborations on social design projects. The name ‘design for’ is a catalyst for the possibilities of design with a humanistic view. The members of ‘design for’ intentionally focus on designing for good, for people, and for cultural preservation.

design for

It was formed as a network of collaborators, whose aim is to create design solutions for the good of the individual and for a better society. The approach is achieved by finding holistic solutions for a sustainable world. By visiting craft villages and learning from the original artisans themselves, the research team is able to understand their philosophy of life, learn from their techniques, and derive a wealth of knowledge which is slowly disappearing today.

Get to know the Indiegogo Campaign ‘Culture Matters’, which is a social business committed to the cultural preservation and empowerment of craft based communities in the Southeast Asia. The products are culturally respectful, sustainable and hence environmentally friendly, produced on fair-trade terms. To ensure premium at its best, the products are handmade, hand dyed, using natural pigments from nature.

This initial kick start will be used to empower artisans through courses to understand the needs of international markets. Our goal is to support artisans to re-position the value of these traditional crafts, as premium products in the global market. You can help funding this campaign untill the 15 of August 2015.

Indiegogo - Culture Matters

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