DESIAP 2016 Workshop Summary


The DESIAP 2016 Workshop was held at the Thai Creative and Design Center (TCDC) in Bangkok on the 13-14th of July 2016 following on from the public symposium held the day before. In total we had 30 participants, half comprised the DESIAP network members from the UK and Asia-Pacific, while half of the participants came from a range of Thai public, private and educational organisations.

The aim of the workshop was to discuss the themes and insights that has emerged from the public symposium held on the 12th of July. Broad ranging and rich discussions took place over an intense 2 days and we have summarised the outcomes in the following report. Some of the key issues discussed included:

  • Qualities of design
  • The meaning and purpose of social innovation
  • The designer’s role
  • Education & learning
  • Mindset of social innovators
  • Drivers of social innovation

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