Asian Consortium 2015

Network Conference | Changemakers Party | Excursion | Exhibition

27-28th September 2015

Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation (J.C.DISI) – Hong Kong

The Asian Consortium is a circle of friends, who share the same interest, care about social issues and try to look at possible solutions creatively. It is a place where ideas meet and collaboration happens despite any borders or believes.

Asian Consortium is also an annual event for all those regional civic activists. They gather in the Network Conference to share our ideas and get to know each other better in casual Changemakers Party settings. With a high goal to make life easier for others they organize Excursion to various locations, where Consortium members in Hong Kong show the actual change of the city and region. It also exhibit the social innovation works in the Jockey Club Innovation Tower.
This year this regional event will meet 100 participants and speakers to talk, demonstrate and create under 4 main topics:

• Ageing and Well-being
• Sustainable City
• Social Economy and Entrepreneurship
• Resilient Community

They dream big and aim to make Asian Consortium the largest annual gathering of social innovators and leaders in related fields in Asia.
It is a flagship event of annual Social Innovation Festival – 10DAYFEST.